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Interior Design Workflow using SketchUp Go

In this presentation we will be showing a real life project of a loft apartment, using SketchUp Studio. 


SketchUp Studio gives you the end to end tools to allow you to quickly and efficiently create an interior space. We are going to show you how using SketchUp, and technology many people have in their pocket, we can capture a 3D Space and work directly in SketchUp to create the models and communicate ideas. 


Finally with V-Ray which is included in SketchUp Studio we can produce photorealistic renders.

Slide deck recording

The recording below goes through the slide deck (15 minutes)

Key points
  • The Studio Ecosystem, pointing out the additional features compare to Pro - Scan Essentials and V-Ray

  • Capturing space such as floorplans can be done importing DWG plans pointing out the free training on SketchUp Campus and the free Extensions:

    • EdgeTools (Close gaps)

    • CleanUp3 (Clean up geometry)

    • Face Creator (Automatic face creation)

    • Adebeo_Pushline (push/pull with lines)

  • Discuss capturing a point cloud with specialist hardware such as Trimble devices and drones. Point clouds can also be captured with a iPhone or iPad (shown in the animated GIF) using an App such as Scaniverse.

  • Bringing the Point Cloud in to SketchUp lets you model quickly and measure the points . Highlight the advantage of not having to visit the site multiple times.

  • Scan Essentials tools such as Inspection Map lets you check the accuracy of your model against the point cloud.

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